On 24 December, 1818, Fr Josef Mohr who was a priest in St Nicholas parish in Oberndorf, Salzburg Austria visited Franz Xaver Gruber, the parish organist. Fr Mohr handed Gruber a poem he had written some years before then to be put into a song.

Gruber quickly arranged it that evening before the mass. At the midnight mass, using his guiter, Gruber sang with the parish choir in the first rendition of Silent Night.

After the mass, the song became the talk of the town. It has since then been translated into several languages. In its original German language it is captioned Stille Nacht.

Merry Christmas

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

* The picture attached to this post is the chapel built between 1924- 1936 to remember the original St Nicholas Church that was destroyed by flood. I visited this Chapel in 2010. With a group, we sang the Silent Night song.

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