All saints day


Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of all saints. This means all those who have found their way to heaven, irrespective of their beliefs, nationality, color, or language, whether known or unknown, are celebrated today.

The origin of All Saints’ Day in the Church cannot be traced with certainty.

The feast has been observed in various places on different dates.

However, the November 1 date came into play when Pope Gregory III (731–741) dedicated a chapel in St. Peter’s Rome on this date in honor of all saints.

Pope Gregory IV ordered its general observance in 837.

In medieval England, the festival was known as All Hallows (hallows meaning to make holy or to sanctify), and its eve was known as Halloween.

Halloween is still observed today in many parts of the world. The children on the Halloween march even visited me yesterday night.

As we celebrate the dead, let us remember to celebrate the living.

Happy All Saints Day and a new month of November!

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