By Rev Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

As this year 2021 comes to an end today, we give all glory to God for being with us at all times. To experience a better 2022, we we must resolve to revive our spirit of community and teamwork enshrined in “Igwe bu ike and onye aghala nwanne ya” principles of our forefathers.

For instance, rather than sinking a borehole for yourself, think of teaming with the community to do it; rather than sourcing for your own security, think of community security; rather than establishing your own business, think of a cooperative business venture; rather than segregation and war, think about uniting with neighbouring communities to execute common projects like roads, electricity, water and security.

Let us learn from the creator who created in community, with community and for community. To smoothly navigate our society-team, we basically need two antennae/ compasses for proper signal and direction.

These are: hooking on to the achivements of the past (our forefathers) and building for our generations yet unborn. It is only when we are united with ourselves, our past and future that we can reap and appreciate the blessings of God who never abandons his people. Wishing you all a team-oriented, spirit-filled new year.