Angelo Chidi Unegbu ([email protected]) 18.11.2021

Till date, it is still not clear whether the Jews migrated from Ndigbo or vice versa; or whether they even had a relationship at all. The only known fact is that the behavioural similarities among the two groups are crystal clear.

The most common among these (behavioural) characteristics that have been noted by many ancient documents are: uchu (industriousness), ako (wisdom), uche (intelligence), igwe bu ike (unity) and onye aghala nwanne ya (teamwork).

This means that yahoo boyism, Yahoo pastorism, yahoo dibiaism, yahoo politicianism, political efulefuism, armed robbery, kidnapping, human trafikking, drug peddling, drug addition, begging, prostitution, and so on are not characteristics of Ndigbo.

Despite many years of exile, hate and subjugation by the entire European World, the Jews refused to lose their cherished characteristics and identity that made them the envy of the world. Today, they are back to their country, free and fortified.

The Jews were not saved by any miracle or any benevolent spirit. They were saved by self-discipline. They remained Jew wherever they found themselves.The same way the Jews were treated is the same way Ndigbo are being treated today. What will save Ndigbo is the same thing that saved the Jews. To overcome the present onslaught, Ndigbo should never for any reason compromise their cherished characteristics that have made them the envy of many.

Unfortunately, a lot of Ndigbo have already capitulated. Many have given away their identity and characteristics so as to be loved, accepted and to survive. Unknown to them, they are digging their own graves. The most valuable asset of Onye Igbo is being Igbo in thoughts and deeds.

As onye Igbo, no matter where you find yourself, no matter the circumstances or difficulties, do not give up on who you are. Tell that to your children and tell your children to tell their own children. That is the only way out. Igbo amaka. Igbo bu ike Ndigbo. Igbo ga adi.

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