By Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu ([email protected]) 25.12.2021

1) Owing to the daily betrayals, heartbreaks and disappointments, many Igbo sons and daughters no longer want to hear anything concerning teamwork. Many just want to do their own thing. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to teamwork if we really want to move forward. Teamwork is the mother and father of enduring success.

2) The baby Jesus whose birthday we commemorate this day later in his life had to battle with this dilemma. He knew that teamwork was indispensable to the success of his mission. He knew also that someone from his team will betray him. He knew his team leader would deny him. He knew they will all abandon him in his time of ordeal; yet he decided to work with them because he found no alternative to teamwork.

3) Yes, the worst teamwork is better than the best one-man show. Any success built on an individual strength dies with him/her, but that which is built on teamwork endures for ages. As many of us are celebrating Christmas in our various communities, we have once more the golden opportunity of picking up our spirit of IGWEBUIKE and ONYEAGHALA upon which our communities were founded and developed.

4) Any day we succeed in coming together, the sky will become our limit because there is hardly anything a united people cannot achieve. Many communities have succeeded in building electricity, road, water system, hospital, school and other projects just by coming together. This is not new in Igboland. In the precolonial and even colonial times, gigantic projects were taken up and completed by Igbo communities without any external help.

5) Small or even big communities can team up with neighbouring communities in executing some of these projects. Enough of concentrating only on your village while executing some of these projects. Many of our villages are too small to execute some serious projects. In my village, three neigbouring communities decided to come together to execute some common projects and the outcome is marvelous. Our experience shows that Ndigbo can achieve a lot when they team up. As you enjoy your Christmas, have your village meetings and eat your Christmas rice, think about this.

More about this in the coming year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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