As we detox or cleanse our stomach and other parts of our body of unwanted substances, we should not forget to detox, detoxify or cleanse our minds. All these gory pictures, videos and news of killings, arson, intimidation and all forms of wickedness we consume on daily basis leave unpleasant and harmful footprints in our minds.

The more they are allowed to fester, the more we lose our humanity, our “mma-ndu” (the beauty of life), and the more beastlike and inhuman we become. We can detox the mind through meditation, taking a walk, observing nature, keeping off from social media from time to time, getting ourselves involved from time to time in humanitarian services, doing manual work like making of basket, mats, farming and so on; getting enough sleep and rest; indulging in sports, changing environment from time to time, taking break from an obsession and avoiding gossip.

However, detoxifying the mind should not prevent one from facing his or her daily challenges, for instance, working for one’s daily bread, defending oneself against unjust aggression and being vigilant at all times especially in times of danger or aggression. Detox your mind but do not shut down your brain.

Have a blessed weekend my dearest friends.

Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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