Exactly 21 years ago, on the evening of October 31, 2002, Bishop Mark Unegbu departed from us.

I still vividly remember that evening when the news was broken to me. That was 10 months before my diaconate ordination and 14 months before my priestly ordination.

My uncle’s last wish on earth was to ordain me as a priest, or at least to be present at my ordination. He was also the one who baptized me.

As it became clear to him that he had only a few days to stay with us physically, he did something symbolic: he brought out the particular suit he puts on each time he travels abroad and gave it to me.

The bishop was not only my revered great-uncle. He was a friend. We discussed a lot. I mean a lot.

When I heard of his death on this day 21 years ago, I was heartbroken.

My Lord, you still remain a light in our world. You did not teach with mere words but with your deeds.

You taught us that honesty, uprightness and orderliness pay.

You taught us the beauty of compassion, generosity, and teamwork, but you also taught us to be courageous in our minds and to be faithful to our principles.

You were the epitome of justice and prudence.

Rest on Nnukwu Mazi.

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