Do you know that for most doors that we have been knocking at and calling on all the spirits in the world to open for us, someone around us could be in possession of the key to them? Do you know that there is hardly any problem that we are facing today that God has not given someone around us the key to its solution? The problem is that most of the people holding the keys to our locked doors are the people we wouldn’t like to deal, associate or work with due to one reason or the other.

Do you also know that some of those holding the keys to the solutions of our problems could be found among the so-called mad people roaming the streets or even among those poor men and women who had no access to quality education/ upbringing and thus are not even aware of the keys in their custody? The most difficult thing about these keys is that they are hardly found where we expect to see them.

This is one of the reasons many countries today give attention and support to every child irrespective of his or her social status because no one knows who is in possession of which key. Take note: Just as someone or people is/are holding the keys to your locked door(s), you are also holding someone’s or some people’s key(s).

A society where people understand this principle will automatically progress, while a society where people still believe that the keys to resolving their problems are in custody of spirits will continue to wallow in darkness. When God commands us to love one another including our enemies, he is simply giving us the secret of the keys and the key to peace and progress. Love is the key. Helping one another to succeed is the way. Happy Val my dearest friends.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu