Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu (17.12.2021)

Once upon a time, there existed a soothsayer in a small village. He was known for ancestry search. This means he was able to tell those who consulted him about their ancestral lineage up to the time immemorial. People suddenly realized in the village that they had common ancestry and began to live more as brothers and sisters.

Like Harmattan fire, the story of the soothsayer spread to the neighboring villages and beyond. People came from far and near to consult him. All of a sudden, peace returned among warring communities who realized their common ancestry.

In a short time, people also began to visit from other states, nations and continents. The experience was the same: peace returned to the world because the entire world suddenly became conscious of their common ancestry. Despite the differences in language, skin colour and culture they lived like a family.

Everyone on earth lived in abundance of wealth, justice, peace and freedom because people were no longer exploiting, cheating or oppressing each other. The little girl was woken up by her mother who asked her how she could be sleeping and smiling at the same time. The child narrated her dreams to her mother who was gazing steadily at the picture of the husband who was killed the previous year by assailants. “Will my dream come true? Can we ever live in a world free from oppression, violence, war, arson, killings, rape and kidnapping?” The little girl asked her mother who listened absent mindedly, clearly lost in thought.

As I remember my birthday today, may we make the decision today to work towards making the little girl’s dream a reality by working for the Common Good. We have common ancestry, one God, one earth and one heaven. We are a family. We have everything to gain if we would live like one. That is my birthday wish.

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