Good bye August welcome September

New Month of September: GOD be with you

Do you know that the phrase “Good bye” came from an old English expression: “Godbwye” which means in today’s English: ‘God be with you’.

The same expression is found in French language: “Adeu” which is shortened from the phrase ‘a dieu vous commant’ meaning:”I commend you to God.’ Similar expressions existed/ exist in almost all languages as parting words.

As we say ‘good bye’ to the month of August, may ‘God be with you’ as we enter the new month of September. May God’s presence/ companionship in our lives continue to make us conscious of His image that we carry.

May His presence continue to hammer it into our heads that most of our current problems are caused by our inability to work as teams for the common good.

May God’s guidance continue to reveal to us that we are equipped with everything we need to solve our day to day problems; and that He created us as co-workers and assets and not as liabilities.

Chukwu du be anyi.

Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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