Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu (27.01.2022)

My dear brother Ejiofo, you are not the only one who is worried over the excesses of some men and women of God in Africa and their followers, but burning a Bible or abusing the name of Jesus contradicts your core message and must be condemned. The point is not whether the content of the Bible or the personality of Jesus is true or false but that we do not have any right to abuse or make caricature of the religious beliefs of others. This is the same mistake most of our missionaries made during the 19th century Christian mission in Africa by desecrating, abusing and destroying most traditional sacred places and objects in Africa. The same error is still being perpetrated by some Christians today who go about abusing, desecrating, carting away or even burning of people’s traditional objects of worship in the name of fighting against economic backwardness. My dear Ejiofo, do you realize that the Bible is the sacred book of over 2 billion people? Don’t you know that it does not belong to the culture of Ndigbo to disrespect other people’s religious beliefs? If there is one thing the world should learn from Ndigbo, that one thing is religious tolerance or freedom of worship. Do you know that our forefathers never fought a religious war? My dear Ejiofo, you owe the Igbo world an apology. You owe Christians an apology. You have to do this to let the young people especially Ndigbo who are watching you know that this is not the way to protect culture or fight against the criminality evident among most African men and women of God or the excesses of their followers which have contributed in making our people poor, sick, ignorant and godless.

*Mr Ejiofo (Mathias) Ezeaku recently posted a video where he was seen tearing and burning a book he said was the Holy Bible. While doing that he also said that he has renounced Christianity.