POPE FRANCIS @ 8: An Epitome of Humility

POPE FRANCIS @ 8: An Epitome of Humility

One of the qualities that the world will ever remember Pope Francis for is his humble or simple lifestyle.

Simplicity or humility is the mother of all virtues. It draws one closer to fellow humans and to nature. It helps one feel the pains of the suffering and the needy. It broadens one’s worldview, wisdom and knowledge. It is the best medicine against discrimination, racism, and nepotism. It kills pomposity and selfishness. It does not give room for envy, jealousy, slander, or backbiting. It encourages work. It teaches generosity.

Humility reminds one always of where he/she comes from: dust; as well as his/her destiny: eternal bliss with God.In Nigeria today, rather than as a virtue, humility or simplicity is seen as a vice.

People are easily cajoled and mocked by family and friends for being humble especially when serving the public. Pomposity, covetousness, pretentiousness, deception and looting of public funds have become normal ways of life.

The consequences are what we are seeing right now. If Nigerians especially her political and religious leaders would emulate Pope Francis in his humble & simple lifestyle, we would realise that the land which God referred to as filled with milk and honey is actually (in) Nigeria.