The Catholic Church celebrates today the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the temple according to the customs and traditions of the Jews. This reminds us, among other things, of the importance of keeping to the customs and traditions of our people.

Tradition or culture helps us to remember certain events in the life of our people. Some of such events are used in showing gratitude, to commend or to warn. Although most of these traditions were/ are protected by religious rites or persons, they have simply socio-economic functions.

The war against everything pertaining to culture displayed by some Christians are mainly caused by poor education and sickly religious indoctrinations. People who understand culture rarely fight it.

Education helps us to understand the resson or story behind every culture without which every culture or tradition is empty and hollow. Education also helps us to know how to prune culture without uprooting it; and how to beautify it without deifying it.

Happy feast of the presentation of the Lord.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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