Around 5 centuries before Christ, the Europeans you know today had exactly the same religious mentality we have in many regions of Africa today.

They once believed that our day-to-day actions and events are determined by some spiritual forces up there.

When it rained, they believed that it was Zeus, the god of rain who opened the tap of heaven.

When it refused to rain, they believed that Zeus was angry. Sacrifices were made to appease him.

When there was flood they believed that the god called Deucalion, the Greek god of flood, was angry.

Money or wealth was also seen as a spiritual thing. To have money they invoked the god of Plutus.

Those searching for marriage partners called on the god of Hymen.

Those seeking for protection from harm invoked the god called Soteria.

For child birth they called on Eileithyia.

For good health, they turned to the god called Asclepius and so on.

There was deity responsible for everything.

Shrines and their priests were littered everywhere.

As the shrines grew, unfounded stories of religious breakthroughs multiplied.

Stories were purposely cooked up by those benefitting from the shrines to create fear and anxiety among the people in order to sustain the religious market.

The consequence was that technological decay set in as the human brains went on perpetual leave.

This continued till a man called Socrates came on board.

Socrates mocked the gullibility and senseless of his people. “Wake up my people”, he shouted from village to village.

He began to gather young people to teach them that the powers they are searching for in those deities live in them.

The young people began to gather to listen to him. School don start!

This is the reason many have traced the origin of school education (in Europe) to Socrates.

The priests of those deities and the elders accused Socrates of corrupting the youths via his education.

He was arrested, imprisoned and killed.

He died but his ideology which is the school education of the youths did not die.

His students continued from where he stopped and later established schools, Colleges and research centres that eventually liberated many European nations from mental slumber.

This is the reason when Europeans hear of the things Africans are doing today in the name of religion, they remember their pre-socratic and socratic ages.

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