We are economically poor not because God has not blessed us but because we have not understood the connection between wealth and teamwork. Show me any sustainable investment that is not built on teamwork. If you think that you know one don’t worry; it is only a question of time.

Teamwork is the key to sustainable economic success. In Africa, everyone wants to own his or her own business or venture. Every doctor wants to establish his or her own clinic. Every pastor wants to establish his or her own church. Every mechanic wants to open his or her own workshop. Everyone’s prayer point is that God should help him or her establish his or her own thing.

Imagine asking God to help us work against ourselves! Any day the known wealthy nations will begin to have the same mentality like us, many of their citizens will fall into poverty. I never understood this till I travelled to Europe. Thus, it would not surprise me if many are yet to understand this.

In Europe, from kindergarten to university, pupils and students are majorly taught teamwork. Most assignments are given in groups which are re-arranged from time to time. No nation, institution or venture can progress economically without teamwork.

No matter how long we pray, pay tithe, bind and cast or even work, without teamwork we shall continue to blame the devil and our “village people” for the consequences of our inability to work together. What is holding us down is not the spirit of poverty rather that of selfishness.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu