The truth of the matter is that what we need to revive the Nigerian economy and improve the quality of life of our people is a good government which remains elusive till date. In the mean time, I believe we can still do something. One of the areas that I think needs serious and urgent attention is technical education.

No nation or economy can really breath, survive or stand without a developed and functional technical education. Individuals and organizations like the Church can take this up. As international/ world technology is fast developing, very soon our people can no longer repair their cars and other machines if we do not raise well trained technicians now.

Besides, we cannot be discouraging our youths from yahoo-yahoo /oke-ite/ money-ritual without providing an alternative.

*The pictures below show my visit to a technical school in Germany. The director took me round and explained certain things to me. If anything positive comes out of this visit, I will let you know. We cannot count our chickens before they hatch.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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