Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu (10.02.2022)

If you are living in Nigeria, as you are crying to the heavens for miraculous breakthroughs and healing, remember that beneath your feet are buried over 40 mineral resources. Remember that these resources are more than enough to feed the entire African continent. Remember also that the creator has given some of us the ability to extact these resources and harness them for our wellbeing.

Remember that around your home are various herbs that God provided us with to take care of the illnesses that confront us. Remember that the creator also gifted some us with the power to produce medicines/medications from these herbs and to cure sicknesses.

God is not an irresponsible father who did not plan for the children He brought into the world. He is also not an emperor or a dictator. He is a father, more fatherly than our earthly fathers. Thus, some picture Him to be more of a mother than a father. Before ever we were created, He has provided for our material needs.

Prayer is good but after praying remember that it is our duty, as co-creators and co-miracle workers, to harness the resources God has given to us. If we don’t, we have ourselves to blame and not God.

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