The Vampirous Deity

The Vampirous Deity

By Rev Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

While we are preparing for Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Christ, human lives are being wasted all over the place and no one seems to care nor is there any pretension that someone is in-charge. What is the meaning of the celebration of the coming back to life (Easter) when respect for life and and its dignity hardly exist among us? What is the importance of recalling the suffering and death of Jesus by a people who have lost empathy? Yesterday in Ebonyi the lives of children, men and women were brutally terminated; their only crime was that of being part of a rather phantom One-Nigeria.

Why is Nigeria still one if the unity is this vampirous? What kind of deity is this so called One-Nigeria that lives on the blood of her citizens? Millions of lives have been sacrificed at her altar but she seems insatiable, ever asking for more.

Why can we not do away with this blood-thirsty deity? What do we even hope to gain or get in return from her for these bloody sacrifices? Are we Nigerians under a spell or have we also become demonized by the deity we worship?

Let someone wake me up from this nightmare? Who told us that separation of incompatibles is evil, and so non-negotiable? The nation has been turned into an ocean of blood. Yet people are cheering the deity and fighting for her survival.

Anywhere you see anyone insisting on this non-negotiated One-Nigeria in the midst of these constant flow of blood run away from the person. He or she is evil!

For further reading on the incidence in Ebonyi read Vanguard of today or any other Nigerian Daily that reported it.

There is also the video of the Governor or Ebonyi, Dave Umahi, giving his own account of the incidence circulating around.

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