For some days, the video of a visually impaired girl who visited the Zion ministry was everywhere on social media.

She was seen being asked by the minister what she wanted. She replied, “Help.” “What kind of help?” The minister questioned her further.

At the end, the minister understood that she wanted financial help. She was given 400.000 naira.

Many people began to question why she bothered more about money than receiving her sight. They expected her to have acted like the man in the Bible called Bathimaeus, who replied to such a question: I want to see.

Listen to this: Let us stop seeing people with visual impairments as those in need of miracles. We are now in the 21st century.

Who among us can say today that he or she is completely “healthy”? Not even our doctors or religious ministers can claim that.

The miracle that our physically challenged people need now is providing them with the enabling environment to move around without difficulties.

The miracle they need is for us to ensure that they are integrated into society by providing them with a functional social security system that makes sure that they are decently housed, fed, clothed, and treated when sick.

That is the miracle their counterparts are enjoying in Germany. As humans, especially christians, that is the miracle we are expected to perform.

This was also the desire of the lady: to be able to live a decent life despite her impairment just like her counterparts in other parts of the world.

Societies that cannot properly cater for their physically challenged are the ones that need miracles, not the physically challenged.

Remember that people who are visually impaired are not disabled. It is an insult to refer to them as such. They are rather differently abled because they still have a way of doing the same things we do. Besides, there are so many things they can do better than many of us who can see.

If any group should be called disabled, I think they should be those societies where abled men and women are waiting for God to do for them what their mates are doing for themselves.

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