While pursuing my masters degree in Belgium, I was once discussing with a European student who was very friendly with many African students. She told me that she saw an Igbo boy while coming for lectures. “You spoke with him?” I asked. She said “no”. “Then how did you know he was Igbo?” I asked further. She replied: “Any African you see in Europe walking as if he owns the land is very likely an Igbo person.” We laughed.

In Germany, I once met a man from Syria, who asked me which part of Nigeria I come from. On hearing that I am Igbo, he said: “The Igbos are everywhere on this planet. Anyday that tribe decides to go into terrorism the world will surely be in trouble.”

My dear Ndigbo, no matter where you find yourself on this planet try and remain law abiding and truly Igbo just like the Jews remained Jews everywhere they found themselves in their times of trials. Respect the laws of the people where you live (in case you live outside Igboland). Be good to everyone you meet. Avoid crime! Be mindful of those sacred virtues that make you who you are especially: truthfulness, brotherliness and hardwork

However, never lose any of your good qualities or identity while looking for love and acceptance. Be proudly Igbo. Be thickly Igbo. When you hear “Igbotic” turn around and see who is calling you. Igbo amaka. Igbo bu ike anyi. Tell that to your children so that they will say same to their own children.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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