Someone sent me a message requesting me to talk or write about the problem of “too many unmarried girls/ women” in Nigeria especially in Igboland today that many believe is caused by the Christian notion of ‘one man – one wife’. “Did our forefathers not solve this problem with polygamy”? She asked.

Now my question: should the Church revisit the question of ‘one man – one wife’ in order to address this issue? If yes what are your suggestions? Can the Church still make some changes despite some biblical passages that suggest otherwise? Should the problem of “too many unmarried girls/ women” be left the way it is? Some said that the problem has been solved by “sidechicksm”, “sugar daddysm” and “single mothersm”. Do these solve the problem or worsen it?

* Your suggestions will help me prepare a submission to the ongoing synod of catholic bishops. Who knows how far your comment can go?

N.B. The question we have at hand now is monogamy/polygamy, not priestly celibacy because I know many will leave the subject matter to attack the priestly celibacy as the cause. Time will come when we will talk about that one.

Remain blessed.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu