OKE-ITE could be defined as performing any religious act that is believed to trigger a financial breakthrough. Whether it is performed by a “native doctor/ priest” or by a “man or woman of God” or any other religious person, whether the “clients” pay money or bring animals/ their parts or any other goods, whether “clients” call it sacrifice, tithe, “sowing of seed”, offering and so on, as long as the aim is solely to miraculously aquire money not duely worked for, it is called OKE-ITE.

OKE-ITE is a common belief/ practice in many nations of Africa today. It is mainly caused and sustained by ignorance and and laziness. Europeans also once had their period of believing in “OKE-ITE”. There was a time when European Christians even believed that God could be “bribed” with money; that putting money in a Church offering Box could be used in buying salvation or getting a dead relative into heaven.

Today, the economically advanced nations are those who have moved away from OKE-ITE mentality. Religion is not the reason for OKE-ITE. Our mentality is.

As long as you believe that performing any religious act, rather than working hard, could lead to financial success, you have an OKE-ITE mentality. As long as you are hoping for miraculous Daily Bread ratther than searching for Daily Work, you have an OKE-ITE mentality.

When you do charity solely with the belief that it will miraculously multiply your wealth, you have an OKE-ITE mentality. If you have an OKE-ITE mentality, ask God for healing and deliverance as we enter the new month of February.

Happy new month my dearest friends.

Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu

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