In the second creation account, after the creation of man and the animals God made the man to take a deep sleep before the woman could be created (Gen.2:21-22).

1) Due to the noble and precious role the woman was to play as the crown of creation and the gate of life God did not want to create her from nothing or from sand like other creatures and man were. Thus, for the creation of woman God used the best of his creatures which is the man as the raw material. Hence, the woman became the only creature that God created from life.

2) The woman till date remains the symbol and the gate of life. In Africa she appears to be relegated to the background but the truth is that everything revolves around her. In the Igbo culture, although she takes up the name of the husband after marriage, her children still refer to each other as ‘nwannem’ – meaning ‘the child of my mother.’

*The woman above is my mum

3) Unlike men that will always need invitation women walk in wherever and whenever they wish. In times of community palavers, crises or injustice, they hardly wait for permission to meddle; they just gate-crash to address injustice. And no one can stop them because they are the human form of life and justice.

4) They have the power to unseat a king without weapons. They can repeal laws made by men and it stands. That is how powerful God created women. But do our Nigerian women really know how powerful they are, especially as a group? And have the men done enough to give women their rightful place in our society?

5) Remember, any society that oppresses or ignores, or denigrates women is like a bird that decides to injure one of its wings. How can it fly? Your guess is as good as mine.

Happy women’s day, ladies!

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